Dentaid Extends its Aid to London Alongside Single Homelessness Project and The Passage


Dentaid, with the cooperation of Single Homeless Project and The Passage, extended its assistance to London for the first time. They worked specifically on helping those at substantial risk of sleeping on the streets and others were in unstable or temporary accommodation.

Chief Executive Officer of Dentaid, Andy Evans, explained that this is something ‘we’ve been wanting to do for a while but finding the right organisation to support us has been difficult. The guys we are dealing with are housed patients who have been in the accommodation for anything from two to five years. A lot of them are actually rough sleepers and so haven’t seen a dentist in many, many years.’

“Dentaid extended its assistance to London for the first time“

‘If we can find the right support to deliver the care, then we will. It is great thanks to Bupa Dental Care that we can run these clinics. Hopefully, this will be an ongoing relationship and we can continue to work in London.’

Regional clinical director for Bupa, Dr Anthony Sweeney, said that ‘It’s great just to help some people where we can. We have seen a range of people needing our help…some have been more nervous than others. But they’ve been really glad to get something done.’

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