Tony Wood to Replace Dr Barron as GSK’s CSO

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Tony Wood will be the new chief scientific officer (CSO) for GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) as of August. His role will be focused on research and development throughout GSK's process and portfolio.

Back in 2017, Wood first came to GSK from Pfizer to work as a senior vice president of medicinal research and technology. His position then was to supervise their scientific and technology programs.

“Tony Wood will be the new chief scientific officer (CSO) for GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)“

Wood has earnt the title of "one of the world's preeminent chemists”, he is a distinguished scientist with over 30 years of knowledge and expertise.

When commenting on his new role, Wood expressed that he is “honoured to have been asked to lead GSK’s R&D. In the past few years, under Hal’s leadership, we have made enormous progress to strengthen the pipeline and put in place an R&D approach that can improve the efficiency and success of medicine and vaccine development.”

Emma Walmsley, Chief Executive Officer at GSK, added that Wood is “an outstanding scientist who is highly respected inside and outside GSK. Tony has been a key partner to Hal in delivering our R&D approach and with his experience and expertise across science, data and new technologies.”

Dr Barron, the present CSO Wood is set to replace, added “I know [Tony] as a person and scientist of the highest quality. I’m very excited to remain part of GSK and to play a significant role within the company as I transition to a non-executive board member and support Tony and the team to deliver on the promise of our pipeline.”

Dr Barron will not leave the company, but in fact take on the new position of non-executive director.

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