Lack of NHS Dental Appointments Causes Shift to Private Care


As the NHS tries to deal with the mounting backlog of appointments created by Covid 19 and its restrictions, the quantity of individuals still without NHS hospital treatment has reached a peak of over 5 and a half million.

More than one million people have not registered with an NHS dentist and have not been able to see a professional in the last 12 months.

“People are flocking to private dental care as a result of the NHS backlog“

The public are now being warned they may not be able to see a dentist on the NHS until 2024. A number of people have been dropped from their practice for failing to make appointments at a suitable time, with patients dissatisfied with the service provided.

People are flocking to private dental care as a result of the NHS backlog.

Dutch Barton are promoting the positives that come with private services: “We are seeing a great uptake in people moving towards private dental care, especially since the lockdown restrictions eased. More people are concerned about their oral health after being neglected by NHS treatment.”

"We are also seeing more patients concentrating on their appearance, and more directly their smiles, leading us at Dutch Barton to see an increase in our cosmetic dental services with people returning to everyday life and life without a face covering."

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