'Data mismatch,' means high-risk Covid patients must ask for a medication referral


After receiving a positive result from a PCR test, a limited quantity of vulnerable individuals potentially might not be contacted by CMDU’s (Covid 19 drug delivery units) to get community-based therapy.

Certain high-risk individuals are given neutralising monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) and oral antivirals by CMDU’s as treatment for Covid 19.

“a small number of the highest risk patients may not be contacted by CMDU’s due to data mismatch“

The NHS claims that most patients applicable for the treatment will be notified by a CMDU in less than one day following a positive PCR test, but a "small number of these highest risk patients may not be contacted by CMDU’s due to data mismatch." This means that those who have not received contact should call their GP or the 111 NHS line to request a referral.

Hospital staff will need “to write to patients who cannot be identified centrally (e.g., newly diagnosed or those receiving chemotherapy or radiotherapy in the last six months). These patients will need to ask for referral and ask NHS Test and Trace for a PCR test to keep at home.”

Those who are eligible should be treated with a mAb , but if that is not possible, the alternative is a round of molnupiravir which spans a five-day period.

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