Access issues for NHS dental appointments causing problems in Devon


Healthwatch England has released information which found that there are “currently no practices” happening in Devon for NHS patients.

The research showed that one sixth of the NHS sub-regions involved say clinics are not extending their services to any more adult patients. The technology used in this process is the ICS (Integrated Care System).

“Of all of these areas perhaps the worst affected is Devon“

“Of all of these areas perhaps the worst affected is Devon. There are currently no practices showing as taking on adult or child patients.”

In the last 18 months, “one of the most significant issues” for the public has been access. Many people are contacting multiple dentists without any luck of getting an appointment.

More than 5 thousand were asked about their intake. Just over 10% are currently opening their services to NHS patients over the age of 18, 12% are treating those who are charge exempt, with 17% treating children under the NHS.

Some dental clinics have enormous waiting lists, with one example having approximately 6 thousand on theirs.

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