Vaccine Mandate Risks Thousands of Industry Professionals Walking


Almost one tenth of dental employees have not received both of their vaccinations to protect against Covid 19. This is causing anxiety among professionals in the industry who believe obligatory vaccinations may cause recruitment issues.

The BDA has announced that fewer than 66% of dental staff think that every member of their clinic has received both immunisations. This also applies to nurses, with fewer than 50% believing the same thing.

“fewer than 66% of dental staff think that every member of their clinic has received both immunisations“

If employees in the dental industry have not been fully immunised by April of 2022, they will be compromising their position. All those under the Care Quality Commission are impacted by the compulsory ruling, which applies to both NHS and private settings.

According to the study, over 30% fear their nurses will quit as a result of the rule; almost one-fifth of dentists indicate they will choose to move profession on the back of this.

Eddie Crouch, chair of the British Dental Association, explained how “Mandatory vaccination risks dropping a bomb on a service already stretched to breaking point. We now face a grim new year where thousands of dental team members will walk out, leaving thousands of vacancies that will never be filled.”

On behalf of dentists that have concerns regarding the ethical nature of the mandate, Neel Kothari expressed that “Whilst I am fully vaccinated myself, I worry that forcing this issue on an already largely compliant group of individuals has a significant risk of backfiring and could lead to countless health related deaths through a lack of available care.”

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