This year’s Ophthalmologists' ‘Oscars’: the Ophthalmology Star Awards are announced!


Leinfelden-Echterdingen, Germany – 13 December 2021 – Life Science Newswire – The Ophthalmology Star Awards recipients were announced at the VSY Biotechnology Satellite Symposium, which was held at the world’s premier ophthalmology event, the ESCRS 2021 Annual Congress in Amsterdam (The 39th Congress of the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons), between September 8-11, 2021.

Dr. Magdalena Renner with her study of "Cell Types of the Human Retina and Its Organoids at a Single-Cell Resolution" was declared the winner. Dr. Farhad Hafezi with his study of the "Individualized Corneal Cross-linking with Riboflavin and UV-A in Ultrathin Corneas: The Sub400 Protocol" came in 2nd and Dr. Arvind Kumar Morya with his study of the "Evaluation of the Viability of a Smartphone-Based Annotation Tool for Faster and Accurate Image Labelling for Artificial Intelligence in Diabetic Retinopathy" came in 3rd place.

“This year’s leading three ophthalmologists were presented with their awards by Dr. Ike Ahmed“

This year’s leading three ophthalmologists were presented with their awards by Dr. Ike Ahmed who is world-renowned for his surgical skills and ground-breaking work in the diagnosis and surgical treatment of highly complex eye diseases including glaucoma. The Ophthalmology Star Awards (OSA) are presented annually to applicants who have had at least one significant scientific article published in an ophthalmology journal. The articles are required to be authored in English and already published to be eligible for consideration; the articles are then evaluated by an international jury. The Ophthalmology Star Awards jury assesses the quality of all the submitted articles before the ESCRS Annual Congress prior to selecting the final three. The OSA team receives applications from all around the World. The three best ophthalmologists' papers are ranked based on scientific usefulness for clinical ophthalmology research, as well as novelty and readability. The Ophthalmology Star Awards (OSA) is an annual recognition of innovative works in the field of Ophthalmology organized by VSY Biotechnology GmbH, which is a Germany-based global biotechnology company that manufactures and sells innovative products in more than 80 countries spread over 6 continents.

In VSY Biotechnology GmbH’s official statement thousands of leading ophthalmologists worldwide, as well as medical doctors, optical engineers, and optometrists specializing in the diagnosis, medical and surgical treatment of eye diseases and conditions who work tirelessly to break through barriers and eliminate preventable blindness are mentioned. The OSA awards are organized to contribute to the ophthalmology industry, to establish a discipline for ongoing improvement, to honor gifted ophthalmologists and encourage them to conduct future research, and to make their valuable work more widely known.

Evmann Investments Holding BV subsidiary company VSY Biotechnology GMBH launched AcrivaUD Trinova Pro C Pupil Adaptive®, the first and only trifocal IOL that combines patented enhanced Sinusoidal Vision Technology (SVT®) with pupil adaptive design at the ESCRS 2021 congress in Amsterdam. The benefit of the sinusoidal diffraction is that it has naturally three different foci; as a result, the sinusoidal diffraction does not need to have an overlapping pattern and has a lower ring number, so it provides minimum dysphotopsia, maximum light transmission, and optimum light distribution so patients can enjoy seamless, continuous vision from all distances during both day and night. This revolutionary development in cataract surgery has significantly improved the visual performance of many patients.

Comments from two of the OSA recipients:

Dr. Magdelana Renner – Switzerland

"I'm very happy and honored to win first place at the Ophthalmology Star Awards! This prize-winning publication was the result of a big team effort; I would like to thank my co-author Cameron Cowan and the whole team for their brilliant contributions and hard work! Winning this award provides great motivation as it shows us how important our work is for vision research.

Prof. Farhad Hafezi, MD PhD FARVO- Switzerland

On behalf of our team of surgeons and researchers, I am honoured to be recognised as one of the "Stars of Ophthalmology" for our work on the sub400 corneal cross-linking (CXL) protocol for treating ultra-thin corneas with corneal ectasias, which are diseases that weaken and thin the cornea, the most common of which is keratoconus.

We would like to thank VSY Biotechnology for running the Stars of Ophthalmology awards, everyone who voted for us, and also wish to congratulate Dr. Magdalena Renner and Dr. Arvind Kimar Moraya. Recognition of the hard work of surgeons and researchers is always good to see, and helps keep everyone motivated to keep pushing the boundaries of what is possible in eye health."

Dr. Arvind Kumar Morya – India

"The Ophthalmology Star Awards at the Annual European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery promotes and recognizes research conducted by ophthalmologists all around the globe. For me receiving this award on my great country's behalf is incredibly gratifying and I am honored and thankful to my colleagues across the world for this recognition. I am also grateful to the talented and dedicated researchers I work with every day. Acknowledgment of our research work at an international level will inspire us to harness our limitless potential to open up new frontiers in the field of Ophthalmology to make life easier for patients and ophthalmic surgeons."

About VSY Biotechnology GMBH

VSY Biotechnology GmbH is a biotechnology company with core competencies in the fields of Ophthalmology and Orthopedics. The company is owned by Evmann Investments Holding BV at 100%. Evmann Investments Holding BV is a Dutch resident Holding company which currently has investments in ophthalmology and orthopedics industries. Its strategy is to make investments especially in areas creating value for a healthier life under its motto of "Invest for Life".

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