New Imperial College Biomedical Laboratory Opens in White City


Leica Microsystems works alongside Imperial College to increase and improve knowledge, testing and innovation. Earlier this month, officials from Leica Microsystems were present at the inauguration of the Sir Michael Uren Hub in White City. The microscope manufacturing company has placed their state-of-the-art imaging technologies, e.g., THUNDER and STELLARIS in the White City and South Kensington Imperial campuses for biomedical engineering research.

The new Sir Michael Uren Hub will focus on innovation of medical technology, with space and equipment put on to provide clinical and imaging capabilities. More than 500 professionals (scientists, engineers, physicians etc.) will work with the White City Imperial I-HUB to produce inexpensive and innovative MedTech.

“The new Sir Michael Uren Hub will focus on innovation of medical technology“

Leica Microsystems plans to build an imaging centre with both confocal and widefield microscope systems at the South Kensington and White City campuses. These will deliver modern, efficient biomedical imaging technologies; combining UK wide knowledge and experience- and working on joint research initiatives.

Leica Microsystems forms business agreements with academic institutions by providing equipment and facilitating knowledge transfer through workshops, education, and financial backing.

Vice president of Life Science at Leica Microsystems, James O’Brien, said that “We are very pleased to be present at the opening ceremony for the Sir Michael Uren Hub, to show our strong commitment and support for our partnership with Imperial College London. We are privileged to support researchers at Imperial to gain deeper insights which advance scientific understanding and safeguard health, and in parallel work to closely understand the future imaging challenges that we can solve together.”

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