‘Base’ products now released by Priorclave


Priorclave, a British autoclave maker, has called its new line of research and laboratory grade autoclaves ‘Base.’ Although all the new autoclave machines are considered 'entry level,' each one will deliver aspects and attributes that have not been seen in the range before.

The ‘Base’ line is excellent for labs that only conduct a few rounds of sterilisation per day. The products in the range are made specifically to sterilise 'basic' equipment- for example: loose instruments, labware, and open containers.

“The products in the range are made specifically to sterilise 'basic' equipment“

Tabletop, top loading, and front-loading cylindrical chamber models are all available in the new range. Priorclave has created rectangular shaped chamber autoclaves that have a capacity of up to 850 litres (about the volume of a large refrigerator).

Every new device in the ‘base’ range will have the newest microprocessor controller produced by Priorclave, known as Tactrol®3, which enables simple sterilisation programming. A built-in cooling and free-steaming systems, drain protection, and a USB connection are all typical features of Priorclave products, but the ‘Base’ versions come pre-piped to allow for the installation of an air intake filtering system.

They will allow for a superb anti-microbial finish on the exterior panels and frames. This material offers successful, long-term management of hazardous germs as well as a defense against cross contamination.

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