MolGen opens a new branch in London


MolGen B.V. is a total solutions global supplier that continues to grow with a new office in London.

The firm will be able to address the constantly growing need for cost-effective, high-quality diagnostic services because of the growth. MolGen's innovative extraction DNA / RNA portfolio across diagnostics, pharma, and the biotech industry will be available at the new office. This new expansion will mean that labs across the UK will be able to have access to their products. The inauguration follows the opening of MolGen's US branch in San Diego.

“The UK branch will be the launchpad for the companies ground-breaking MegaPrep PCR test“

The UK branch will be the launchpad for the companies ground-breaking MegaPrep PCR test. This is a micro dialysis PCR test that can be done twice per week. Anywhere up to 1 million samples can be examined per day.

MegaPrep adds accuracy, haste, and quality to the diagnostics process, meaning that more precise analysis can take place and in larger quantities. It will assist more segments of society; including but not limited to schools and businesses, using a pay by sample method.

Chief commercial officer at MolGen, Neil Kruize, said that “We have been fortunate to experience such rapid growth as a company. Our ability to scale quickly has been a great asset as we continue to strive to meet the growing demand for our innovations. We see this new office as a way to further advance the testing and diagnostics industry and provide solutions as to how the world responds to disease and other life science conditions.”

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