New approval for Trodelvy breast cancer treatment


Gilead Science has manufactured Trodelvy®, a type of targeted therapy called an antibody drug conjugate. This is to be used in the treatment of adults with TNCB (triple negative breast cancer) that can’t be removed or is spreading to another part of the body. Those applicable for this treatment must have received at least 2 previous series of drugs to treat cancer cells; with at least one of these for terminal cancer.

TNBC forms, grows, and spreads faster than any other form of breast cancer. It is responsible for 15% of total breast cancer cases, with a Hispanic and Black woman being at higher risk and more commonly detected in premenopausal and younger females.

“TNBC forms, grows, and spreads faster than any other form of breast cancer“

This sub-type of breast cancer has a 5-year survival rate of 12%, less than half of other variations with 28%. A depreciation in quality of life is often accompanied by this, particularly if the cancer hasn't responded to the initial treatment or comes back after treatment.

The new treatment has been authorized across the globe- some examples being in Australia, Canada, the UK and Switzerland.

The Breast Cancer Group’s Senior Medical Oncologist, Dr Véronique Diéras, said that “The metastatic stage of TNBC is particularly challenging to treat and until now we have urgently needed new treatment options for people in Europe living with this condition. Today’s approval including second-line metastatic TNBC is significant for the community as it’s another important step forward in helping women with this disease live longer.”

Chief Medical Officer at Gilead Sciences, Merdad Parsey, commented: “ We understand how difficult metastatic TNBC is to treat and we’re proud that Trodelvy can now offer a second-line treatment option with the potential to bring longer life to people living with this aggressive disease.”

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