Far-UVC light damages Covid 19

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Far-UVC light damages Covid 19

Space Republic, Purifi, and Brunel University London have conducted trials to test the effects of Far-UVC on Covid 19; research was partially financed by Innovate UK, Brunel’s Innovation Voucher. The results show that when Covid 19 is exposed to Far-UVC light at 222nm, it is shut down and damaged at a genetic level.

“The research insinuates that the light is safe for humans and therefore can be utilised for keeping public indoor spaces safe“

The research insinuates that the light is safe for humans and therefore can be utilised for keeping public indoor spaces safe.

The study involves putting a synthetic ‘layer’ of Covid 19 onto a Pluto pod. This was then exposed to Far-UVC light, after which individual samples were sent to a laboratory for testing. The real-time polymerase chain reaction-based method has the ability to identify three virus copies. Here, Covid 19 was not found in any of the samples, which means it was demolished at a genetic level.

Human strands of Covid 19 all have a comparable quantity of DNA in their genomes. It is the size of the genome that depicts the radiosensitivity, so that means that Far-UVC light is not only efficacious against the virus, bit also has the potential to demonstrate similar results for other illnesses like influenza and the cold.

Professor in gene therapy and genotoxicity at Brunel University London, Professor Michael Themis said "Our measurements show this powerful method of sterilisation obliterates the Sars-CoV-2 genetic code at its core, thereby comprehensively preventing COVID-19 infection between individuals or transmission via solid surfaces. Unlike other decontamination methods which seek to disable the infectivity of viruses, our research demonstrates that Far-UVC completely kills the virus down to a genetic level. This could dramatically reduce the risk of new variants of the disease emerging. This application was measured in our laboratory with sensitivity of detection to as low as three virus copies. Using a PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) test similar to the one used to detect COVID-19 in the population, the technology we have developed is precise, robust and rapid.”

CEO and co-founder of Space Republic, Luke Aviet, said “We’re thrilled to have been involved in such ground-breaking research, which could have profound implications for public health. Alongside the vaccination programs and other measures, Far-UVC has the potential to transform the way we live with the virus and indeed other pathogens in the future. Space Republic believes that alongside vaccination programs and measures such as mask wearing and adequate ventilation, Far-UVC has the potential to play a critical part in keeping indoor public spaces clean and safe.”

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