Tillotts Pharma AG opens new affiliate in Italy


Tillotts Pharma AG ("Tillotts"), part of the Japanese Zeria Group, today announced the opening of its Italian affiliate, which will be led by Fabrizio Savoldi as Managing Director Tillotts Italy. The achievement of this exciting new milestone is expected to further accelerate Tillotts’ European footprint and tap the full potential of its innovative portfolio in one of the company’s important markets. In November 2020, Tillotts expanded its portfolio with the acquisition of Dificlir™, a narrow spectrum antibiotic that fills a gap in the treatment of patients suffering from Clostridioides difficile infections (CDI). This acquisition laid the foundation for direct presence on various European markets.

Today Tillotts operates in 65 countries through its own affiliates and distributors. The new Italian affiliate provides strategic access to one of the top five European markets ensuring the groups continued success now also on the Italian market. By founding its own affiliate, the company shows its commitment to continuously invest in an organisation that is able to directly promote their products in the country and deliver high-quality service for health care professionals and patients. "Italy is an important key market for Tillotts and we are very proud of positioning ourselves there. The new organisation will enable us to intensify our close collaboration with local health care professionals, offer state-of-the-art training services, and bring additional growth for Tillotts in Europe", says Fabrizio Savoldi, who joined Tillotts Italy recently as Managing Director.

“Tillotts Pharma AG opens a new affiliate in Italy.“

Fabrizio Savoldi has more than 18 years’ experience in Pharmaceuticals and brings considerable operational and management experience to Tillotts serving in various leadership positions on local and global levels. He holds a graduation in Pharmacy, a Master in Business Administration from SDA Bocconi in Milan, and recently acquired a certificate in Global Management at Insead.

"With the acquisition of Dificlir™, we have taken an important strategic step to expand our product portfolio beyond classical gastroenterology and with that being able to enter into new European markets, such as Italy and others more in the very near future", says Mattias Norrman, Chief Operations Officer at Tillotts. "This offers new opportunities to provide patients and health care professionals with not only gold standard products but also educational services in our therapeutic areas throughout Europe with own local presence. At the same time, we are convinced that our innovative treatment solutions and our comprehensive portfolio will fuel the future development of Tillotts."

By opening the affiliate, the group can focus on the further commercialisation of its portfolio. The new Italian team will concentrate on medical and marketing activities for the recently acquired product Dificlir™ and existing core products such as EntocirTM. EntocirTM, a first-line anti-inflammatory drug based on the active ingredient Budesonide, is indicated for the induction and maintenance of remission of mild to moderate ileocaecal Crohn’s disease.

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