Ceva launches new fireworks marketing materials and webinar

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Ceva Animal Health, manufacturer of the leading veterinary behavioural products ADAPTIL® and FELIWAY®, has launched an eye-catching, new range of marketing materials to raise awareness of how to support cats and dogs during the fireworks season.

Designed to encourage pet owners to talk to veterinary professionals about how they can look after their pets while fireworks are going off, the range of materials consists of a leaflet, waiting room wall display materials and a window sticker. Each item features the strapline ‘Provide them with a bubble of calm this fireworks season’ and they highlight the benefits of pheromone support with ADAPTIL® Calm Home Diffuser and FELIWAY® Optimum Diffuser alongside the use of preventative measures to keep pets calm and safe while fireworks are going off. This includes the use of Ceva’s ThunderShirt range of calming coats that naturally help reduce anxiety in pets. To order the firework marketing materials vet practices can contact their local Ceva territory manager or email cevauk@ceva.com.

“Ceva launches new fireworks marketing materials and webinar.“

Ceva will be running its popular ‘build a den’ fireworks competition throughout October to encourage veterinary practices to utilise the fireworks waiting room wall display materials to decorate their waiting rooms and demonstrate to clients how to build a den to calm and reassure dogs during the firework festivities. Veterinary professionals can post pictures of the dens and waiting room displays on the Adaptil Facebook page throughout October - www.facebook.com/AdaptilForDogs. The top 10 veterinary practice waiting room dens and displays will win a luxury chocolate hamper and there will be a £200 national prize.

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