CytoSMART opens Research Grant project to help students and researchers

Medical Devices

CytoSMART Technologies today opened the application of CytoSMART Research Grant for 2021 Autumn. The CytoSMART Research Grant is an initiative to help motivated students and researchers improve their project's quality. The grant offers one of the CytoSMART live-cell imaging devices that can be used for research purposes for a specified period. The CytoSMART automated incubator-friendly microscopes are suitable for monitoring cell cultures in any research topic that could benefit from live-cell imaging. The application period starts on September 6 and will last until October 15, 2021.

"We started this initiative at the beginning of 2021, and we never thought it could be as successful as I turned out to be. The number of applicants and the innovativeness of their research proposals were outstanding. Also, the fact that live-cell imaging devices can play such a valuable role in these projects, is an indescribable reward for all the efforts we have put into these systems. It’s such an honor to contribute to various life science fields from cardiovascular research to immunology and even groups working with organoids." - said Kjell Steps, Account Manager at CytoSMART Technologies

“CytoSMART opens Research Grant project to help students and researchers.“

The CytoSMART Research Grant in a nutshell:

• The applicant can apply for a Lux2, Lux3 FL, or Omni live-cell imaging microscope.

• The applicant will be provided with the necessary training needed for operating the device.

• The digital microscope can be used for 4-18 months.

• The applicant must be currently registered at an educational institution or employee of a research group or research institution.

• The applicant must perform research that will highly benefit from using real-time imaging devices. A minimum qualification of an undergraduate degree.

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