Dotmatics nominated for Croda’s R&D digital program


The scientific informatics software and services company, Dotmatics Ltd, has been nominated by Croda International Plc to integrate its Research and Development digital program.

The new program will be an opportunity to work and create with others, offering improved data science ability in the business’s international R&D knowledge base through integration of the Dotmatics’ electronic lab notebook.

“At Croda, the role of R&D is to develop our Smart science to improve lives“

The reinforcement of Croda’s data focused method will veer the business in the direction of data mining, creating a basis for AI and machine learning efforts to condense product development lifecycles.

Croda scientist will be provided with comprehensive ELN solutions from Dotmatics. The combined platform will enable scientists to track, share, protect and exploit the research and development information from within the business.

CEO of Dotmatics, Steve Gallagher, said, “We are delighted to have been chosen as a partner by Croda to implement their R&D digital program and we warmly welcome them to the Dotmatics community of global scientific organizations.

“Implementing Dotmatics’ unified platform will allow Croda researchers to better leverage valuable corporate R&D knowledge and data. Web-based rapid capture, search and retrieval of data combined with advanced analytics will support global shared decision-making: further empowering scientists to innovate.”

Vice President of Innovation & Technology Development at Croda, Damian Kelly, said, “At Croda, the role of R&D is to develop our Smart science to improve lives™. Our R&D digital program will further support our existing capability to provide sustainable, innovative, technology-rich products to our customers. The Dotmatics platform is an important part of our digital program and will enable rapid and easy access to research data.

“Our scientists are driving our digital transformation program with the goal of accelerating the development of our technology platforms and delivering the best sustainable solutions to our customers.”

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