Value-Based Program for Opioid Detox Facilities Program to reduce costly facility AMA Leave rates

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Speranza Therapeutics today announced the launch of a value-based program for treatment facilities to reduce patient Against Medical Advice rates utilizing the S.T. Genesis device.

Launched in 2019, the S.T. Genesis is an FDA-cleared Opioid Withdrawal Treatment device that reduces the physical and emotional effects of opioid detox. Through partnerships with leading inpatient detox facilities, Speranza has witnessed "significant reductions in patients leaving Against Medical Advice," says Todd Krasinsky, Speranza Therapeutics Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer. As a result of these partnership findings, the company has launched a Program to support facilities ability to directly measure the correlation between overall facility AMA rates and the S.T. Genesis device.

“Value-Based Program for Opioid Detox Facilities Program to reduce costly facility AMA Leave rates. “

"One of the most challenging aspects of opioid detox/withdrawal treatment is keeping the patient comfortable enough to remain engaged in treatment. The national average for patients leaving treatment AMA (against medical advice) or prematurely during the first 5 days for patients suffering from Opioid Use Disorder is 24%. What we've witnessed with facilities that utilize the S.T. Genesis in patient treatment is a reduction in AMA rates that ultimately keeps the patient comfortable, engaged, and capable of remaining in treatment longer. We’re thrilled to partner with facilities in developing customized solutions to support reductions in AMA rates and bettering the lives and success rates of patients." Says Krasinsky.

"We have seen an increase in patients afflicted with opioid use disorders abandoning treatment during the first few days of the withdrawal management process" says Jeffrey Thomas, MHS, LPC, CAADC/ CEO of White Deer Run facility in Allenwood, PA. "These patients respond especially well to the [S.T. Genesis] device and as a result, have remained engaged in treatment."

Providers using the S.T. Genesis have seen "up to a 50% reduction in AMA rates as compared to the opioid replacement induction detox protocols, with 90% of those patients going on to longer term treatment programs such as RTC or IOP" says Krasinsky.

The S.T. Genesis device is a 510(k) FDA-cleared percutaneous nerve stimulator that has been proven to reduce patient COWS scores up to 80% in under an hour - making for increased morale in facilities from patients to staff alike.

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