Glyscend Therapeutics Announces Preclinical Data at ADA 2021


Glyscend Inc presented data during the American Diabetes Association 80th Scientific Sessions virtual meeting, June 25-29, 2021, from a study of its proprietary oral polymer duodenal exclusion therapy. The positive data were presented ahead of Glyscend’s phase I clinical trials, which have commenced recruiting healthy subjects in South Australia.

Glyscend is developing a new class of oral gut-restricted therapies targeting mechanisms underlying bariatric surgery and validated by endoscopic approaches, which have shown to be beneficial in type 2 diabetes (T2D). Glyscend’s therapy is intended to temporarily augment the natural mucus barrier lining in specific portions of the GI tract and affect hormonal signaling via the gut-liver-brain axis. The novel synthetic polymers are inert, non-absorbed, and naturally eliminated through the GI tract within 24 hours.

“Glyscend Therapeutics Announces Preclinical Data at ADA 2021. “

The study evaluated the metabolic effects of its therapeutic (GLY-POL) in a non-obese T2D Goto-Kakizaki (GK) rat model, compared to control. Eight weeks of administering GLY-POL once daily resulted in a robust reduction in fasting plasma glucose and post-prandial glucose (PPG) as well as insulin resistance. Oral glucose tolerance testing performed after chronic GLY-POL therapy resulted in a profound reduction of PPG (incremental area under curve (iAUC) ↓ = 60 – 70%) compared to control, with the reduction amplified with duration of therapy. Similar reduction in PPG iAUC was evident during mixed meal tolerance testing (iAUC ↓ > 55%), suggesting that oral, polymer-based duodenal exclusion therapy is a viable method of improving glucose homeostasis. The GLY-POL therapy, when given once a day, resulted in a 6% weight loss compared to control (p

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