Fishawack Health has restructured its creative team

Healthcare Communications

Fishawack Health, a UK headquartered agency, has restructured its creative team by uniting its innovative capabilities under one team to increase client support in the US and global markets.

Fishawack’s creative team, which includes 12 creative directors, is jointly led by Damien Parsonage, head of creative based in the UK and Lacey Jae Christman, head of creative in the US.

“Fishawack Health has restructured its creative team.“

Christman stated: “We have brought together brilliant minds into one team rather than separate teams operating in cities where they are located. This means our creatives are able to work with global counterparts rather than in silo, so we can pool our skills and deliver fantastic work for clients.”

Parsonage stated: “Very often in European agencies, you are localising work which originated in the US, but by fostering a close relationship with our creative colleagues. We can bring that global perspective and create more culturally rounded campaigns which work harder for clients.”

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