MSD launches Organon


MSD has recently launched its spinoff company Organon, intending to make a healthier and better every day for each woman.

Organon’s portfolio comprises over sixty products and medicines across three leading franchises at launch.

“MSD launches Organon.“

In a bid to expand its definition of women’s health, Organon is preparing to go beyond offering products for fertility and contraception to address conditions that disproportionately affect women or that are unique to them.

In addition, the company has launched with a majority-female leadership team.

President of Merck & Co, Rob Davis, stated: “The spinoff of Organon will help Merck become a leaner, more focused and agile company with stronger growth, and will enable significant operating efficiencies.”

Managing Director, Organon UK&ENI Cluster, Simon Nicholson, stated: “It’s exciting to take the helm in a new and vibrant company with such a strong purpose; a commitment to improving health outcomes for women. New acquisitions and partnerships will help Organon expand beyond our core strengths in contraceptives and fertility to meet the health needs of women at all stages of her life. This will be fuelled by a refreshed focus on our women’s health portfolio, further biosimilar launches, and a renewed energy put behind our trusted dermatology, pain, respiratory and cardiovascular brands.”

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