The BDA requests a plan to ease COVID measures


Plans to ease COVID measures have been requested by the British Dental Association due to data revealing that forty-seven per cent of GDPs will seek early retirement or a career change in the next twelve months. Furthermore, the exact figures also convey they are likely to reduce their NHS commitments.

In addition, seventy-eight per cent point to their inability to deliver pre-COVID levels of activity and financial uncertainty as a critical source of anxieties.

“The BDA requests a plan to ease COVID measures.“

Moreover, eighty-eight per cent of dentists also report PPE as having an increased impact on their morale.

Estimates by the BDA clarify that almost seventy per cent of appointments that would’ve been delivered in the year from March 2020 have been missed.

Chair of the BDA general dental practice committee, Shawn Charlwood, stated: “The pandemic has wiped out access for millions and taken a hammer blow to the workforce, with many now looking for the exit. Practices have managed to hit punitive targets but at a terrible cost. Churning through appointments against the clock in heavy-duty PPE now risks an exodus from this service. Fixing NHS dentistry will be impossible if dentists are left unwilling to work in it. We need a clear road map that lifts restrictions and provides needed support to all practices. And makes a decisive break with a broken contract.”

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