EveryBaby creates a medical device to help minimise complications and deaths from preterm birth

Medical Devices

A new medical device will be brought to the market by EveryBaby, to help minimise the number of complications and deaths from preterm birth.

Existing methods of evaluating the possibility of preterm birth, such as transvaginal ultrasound, have restricted accuracy and are costly.

“EveryBaby creates a medical device to help minimise complications and deaths from preterm birth.“

While assessing pre-term birth with a high degree of accuracy, the affordable and compact EveryBaby solution provides an assessment of their risk of PTB as early as the eighteenth and twentieth week of pregnancy.

EveryBaby utilises technology comprising of a novel method of impedance spectroscopy to pick up on differences.

CEO of EveryBaby, Dabriel Choi, stated: “We are delighted to be working with the University of Sheffield to commercialise this exciting technology and bring a much-needed innovation to the healthcare market. Sheffield is a leader in health research and we’re proud to play a part in transforming research in the lab into a tangible product to improve patient outcomes.”

Consultant at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals Foundation Trusts and Professor of obstetrics and gynaecology, the University of Sheffield, Dilly O’Anumba, stated: "More than one in ten babies are born too early and data has shown that preterm birth rates are increasing in many parts of the world. My team has spent over 4 years researching the potential for cervical Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy to improve the prediction of preterm birth. This pioneering technique will enable health care professionals to better prevent and manage preterm birth. It is not only more accurate than current methods but is significantly lower in cost making it more accessible, especially in low-income communities where pre-term birth rates are particularly high. EveryBaby's eventual commercialisation of this technology could help to save countless lives both in the UK and across the globe."

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