SpeeDx has developed InSignia

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SpeeDx has developed InSignia, a paid test for chlamydia and gonorrhoea is eligible for one-point-nine million dollars in additional funds from CARB-X if the project achieves specific milestones. In addition, through susceptibility testing, the technology can identify the greatest available antibiotic choice for the treatment of gonorrhoea.

Combined with a battery-powered device, SpeeDx’s technology, developed by QuantuMDx, could be used in low-resource or remote settings throughout the globe as a point-of-care diagnostic. Furthermore, the technology would be ported onto the QuantuMDx Q-POC.

“SpeeDx has developed InSignia.“

The end goal is to develop a sixty-minute, affordable test that will identify the causative bacteria and which antibiotic is best for treating the infection.

R&D Chief of CARB-X, Erin Duffy, stated: “SpeeDx’s technology is in the early stages of development and - if successful - could be used to help healthcare providers rapidly diagnose chlamydia and gonorrhoea and to identify antibiotics that could be effective; thus, improving treatment decisions and mitigating the devastating effects of these diseases. Treating gonorrhoea is increasingly challenging and in some cases not possible because Neisseria gonorrhoeae, the causative agent of gonorrhoea, has developed resistance to most existing antibiotics. Faster diagnostics have the potential to help inform treatment decisions and those diagnostics that can be deployed in low-resource settings are sorely needed.”

SpeeDx CEO, Colin Denver, stated: “We are adapting our recently developed InSignia technology in close collaboration with QuantuMDx with a goal to supply affordable and innovative diagnostics, and significantly improve the standard of care and antibiotic stewardship in the management of sexually transmitted infections. The support from CARB-X for this venture will help accelerate this development and extend access in critical need areas.”

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