CureVac is readying for the distribution of its COVID-19 vaccine


CureVac, a German biopharma company, is readying for the distribution of CVnCOV, its mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccine, which potentially could receive approval in June.

CEO, Franz Werner Haas, CureVac, highlighted that the organisation is planning for approval in the EU in the second quarter; however, this will depend on the vaccine results from late-stage trials. The results are expected in the following weeks, with the fully enrolled Phase II/III vaccine trials.

“CureVac is readying for the distribution of its COVID-19 vaccine.“

The European Commission has secured 225 million doses of the vaccine, with the potential to purchase another 180 million.

Haas stated: "mRNA has emerged as a key technology that leads the charge against the COVID-19 pandemic, but it is only starting to realise its full potential in the development of new prophylactic vaccines and therapeutics in other areas such as oncology.”

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