AstraZeneca responds to the German media about the COVID-19 vaccine's efficacy


AstraZeneca has responded to German media reports, from Bild and Handelsblatt, signifying that its COVID-19 vaccine, partnered with Oxford University, had an efficacy of eight per cent or less than ten per cent in individuals over the age of 65.

AstraZeneca stated that the reports were incorrect in its response and highlighted data published in The Lancet, November 2020.

“AstraZeneca has responded to the German media about the COVID-19 vaccine's efficacy. “

The data from a Phase II study of the vaccine was included in the report, that involved five-hundred and sixty healthy adult volunteers, two-hundred and forty of which were seventy years or older and one-hundred and sixty were between the ages of fifty-six and sixty-nine

The findings conveyed that the vaccine was safe in younger and older adults, with a similar immune response reported across the age groups following a boost vaccination.

An Oxford University spokesperson stated: “The results of the clinical trials have already been published transparently in 5 peer reviewed scientific publications showing similar immune responses in younger and older adults and a good safety profile and high efficacy in younger adults. Furthermore, the preliminary efficacy data in older adults supports the importance of this vaccine for use in this population."

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