Clarigent Health launches its AI app for mental health

Medical Devices

A mental health technology company, Clarigent Health, has launched its app, Clairity. The app, which is a listening tool, provides clinical decision guide to mental health professionals.

The app uses artificial intelligence to examine speech to identify whether patients are at danger of suicide. Clairity identifies vocal biomarkers, objective indicators of mental health states. The vocal biomarkers are traced over time with clinical impressions and patient-reported symptoms.

“Clarigent Health launches its AI app for mental health.“

CEO and founder of Clarigent, Don Wright, stated: “We want to help save lives and prevent anyone from falling through the cracks. Clairity provides the right data to the clinician at the right time to support them in making the right care decisions. Clinicians can also share this with their patients, providing views of treatment progress. We believe Clairity can be a catalyst for a shared decision making care model.”

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