The BSAVA published new scientific information on the use of CBD in dogs and cats

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The BSAVA published brand-new scientific information on the use of cannabidiol (CBD) in dogs and cats, which outlines the legal position about CBD oil use in the UK, as well as pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics of CBD in humans and dogs. The document was written by specialists in internal medicine and neurology and members of the BSAVA’s scientific committee.

One of the document writers and BSAVA scientific committee member, Caroline Kisielewicz, stated: “Information regarding the effects of cannabinoids on animals is predominantly at the stage of preclinical testing of individual substances in mice, rats and guinea pigs. There are limited clinical studies looking at the effects of CBD in dogs and no reported studies in cats. Many reports describe possible beneficial effects and therapeutic potential in humans and subsequently pet owners may ask their vet about using cannabinoids to treat veterinary patients. This document aims to provide a broad overview of the available evidence base and legal position in the UK for veterinary team members.”

“The BSAVA published new scientific information on the use of CBD in dogs and cats.“

Ian Ramsey, BSAVA President, stated: “The development of this information is in direct response to an increased interest in the use of CBD to treat cats and dogs. Furthermore, the guidance supports BSAVA’s mission to promote excellence in small animal practice through community, education and science.”

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