An Advancement in Dental Technology - Chairsyde has been launched


So each patient can envision their treatment and conditions options, Chairsyde was launched in September with access for dentists throughout the nation. Chairsyde was formed to hasten the dental’s uptake of technology, so that dentists and patients could have face-to-face consultations.

Chairsyde, which has been in development since 1997, offers an end-to-end dentistry experience with an extraordinary suite of features, as well as a dental workflow studied and tested with dentists.

“An Advancement in Dental Technology - Chairsyde has been launched.“

Due to the pandemic, it is understood that the uptake of telehealth will grow by twenty per cent in the next five years.

Founder of Chairsyde Video Consulting, Loven Ganeswaran, stated: "We’ve been working on Chairsyde for almost half a decade, focusing on face-to-face consulting presentations. Yet the pandemic has shown us just how vital video conferencing is. But we think dentists need more. That’s why we’ve created a platform that caters entirely to their needs. We visited the orphanages over the space of 2 years. We realised that the children retained information about dentistry that we’d taught them through song. So we were fascinated about how we could leverage this information to improve oral health. Then we started to focus on access to dentistry in remote areas. This is how we came to focus on educating patients visually and video conferencing as a method of creating access."

Cybersecurity Expert, Chairsyde, Kirishan, stated: ‘Cybersecurity is becoming central to every tech conversation right now. Dentists have a responsibility to protect their patients’ data, which many video consulting platforms don’t offer. We’ve developed a product that’s both extremely secure, with all data encrypted and NHS compliant."

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