PURELAB Quest has been launched by Veolia Water Technologies UK


Veolia Water Technologies UK has launched a laboratory water purification unit which delivers Type 1, 2 and 3 water - PURELAB Quest. The water purification unit, which is simple to use and cost-efficient, produces high quality purified water to assure the integrity of analysis, testing and research processes.

PURELAB Quest, which has been designed to offer an excellent solution for small university or public sector facilities that need a secure and easy way of generating laboratory quality water without waste, uncertainty and complexity of managing packaged pure water.

“PURELAB Quest has been launched by Veolia Water Technologies UK.“

The system is wall mountable and is 232 x 510 x 421 mm in size, thus saves valuable space. PURELAB Quest, which has been created with a laboratory team in mind, is available as a regular version or with an additional ultraviolet purification. Also, to keep work interruptions to a minimum, the pure water is circulated at one-point-two litres every sixty seconds. PURELAB Quest also features a simple to use display and

menu for quick selection of the appropriate water quality and volume.

The device is made from materials that are more than eighty-five per cent recycled, and the consumables are crafted for durability.

Field Sales Manager, Veolia Water Technologies UK, Amanda Cove, stated: “We understand that in a lab environment, guaranteeing the quality of the water used is essential. The launch of PURELAB Quest means that every laboratory, regardless of size or available funding can have cost effective, reliable access to dependably high-quality water to support their work. Every aspect of PURELAB Quest has been designed to allow researchers to focus on their work with the minimum of interruptions.”

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