Digitalizing Cell and Gene Therapies Manufacturing – a Lonza Case Study


On 17 November, Lonza will host a free 60-minute webinar to discuss its innovative approach to digitalizing the company’s Cell and Gene Therapy Manufacturing Operations through the implementation of the MODA-ES™ Platform – Lonza’s cost-effective, flexible and intuitive proprietary solution to batch record challenges. In the webinar, Lonza will also outline future plans for utilizing the platform within Lonza to eliminate bottlenecks and achieve further operational efficiency gains.

As cell therapy organizations increasingly seek to industrialize their manufacturing operations and scale up their capacity, moving away from paper batch records and digitalizing their process becomes critical. To facilitate more efficient, effective and flexible data capture, Lonza developed the MODA-ES™ Platform – a paperless batch record system that combines manufacturing and QC data to effectively meet the needs of cell and gene therapy manufacturing.

“Digitalizing Cell and Gene Therapies Manufacturing – a Lonza Case Study.“

By implementing the MODA-ES™ Solution across two of its cell and gene therapy sites in the last 12 months, Lonza has enabled full traceability throughout the manufacturing process and greatly improved operational efficiency in its production facilities through the platform’s open parallel processing capabilities.

During the webinar titled "Digitalizing Cell and Gene Therapies Manufacturing – a Lonza Case Study," Walter Bagni, Associate Director, Labelling and Cell & Gene Center of Excellence, Lonza, will discuss:

• The IT challenges encountered in cell and gene therapy manufacturing, with an industry view from the BioPhorum IT Collaboration Group

• The supply challenges in cell and gene therapy manufacturing

• Updates on the Lonza Manufacturing Execution System project, including a project roadmap

• Highlights from the MODA-ES™ Platform implementation and key factors for success

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