A dentist is making eco-friendly and personalised PPE for charity


To raise money for charity and reduce plastic waste, Dr Adam Nulty of the International Digital Dental Academy is making eco-friendly and personalised PPE, including gowns and face masks. The dentist claimed that the idea was created during the lockdown when, as a result of increased PPE requirements, he noticed the large amount of waste being generated.

Every penny made above the production cost goes to the Loving by Giving charity, which helps to provide abandoned children in Africa with treatment, homes and education.

“A dentist is making eco-friendly and personalised PPE for charity.“

Dr Adam Nulty stated: “I don’t think anybody was thinking about the long-term effects in terms of the environment. With the use of disposable masks, aprons and gowns we came to the conclusion that there’s a massive amount of waste. The way that the world is means that this isn’t going to be changing any time soon. Unless we do something now. More and more we were noticing that we were seeing masks on the street. We noticed the huge amount of waste produced by using single-use plastics, both in and outside of the dental surgery. It was quite horrific really. While we need it and while we’re told to use it, if we can use something that’s reusable then surely it’s going to be better for us in the long term.”

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