Less than one per cent of dentists were found to be COVID-19 positive in a report


According to a new report, less than one per cent of dentists were found to be COVID-19 positive. The finding was based on US data obtained in June 2020, where the outcome is marginally lower than that of the country's other health professionals.

Furthermore, the study, published in The Journal of the American Dental Association, found that ninety-nine per cent of dentists follow improved procedures for cross-infection prevention, including screening protocols and scaled-up processes of disinfection.

“Less than one per cent of dentists were found to be COVID-19 positive in a report.“

Nearly two thousand and two hundred dentists were analysed by the team, where sixteen per cent reported receiving a COVID-19 examination.

The senior author of the report, Marcelo Araujo, stated: “This is very good news for dentists and patients. This means that what dentists are doing, heightened infection control and increased attention to patient and dental team safety, is working. Understanding the risks associated with COVID-19 transmission in the dental setting is critical to improving patient and dental team safety. This study brings us another step forward in understanding what works. Dentists are following ADA and U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidance. It’s helping to keep the dental team and their patients as safe as possible.”

Vice President of the ADA Health Policy Institute, Marko Vujicic, stated: “The fact that dentistry was named an at-risk profession for infection but has a far lower prevalence of infection compared to other health professions, is not a coincidence. The profession has taken this issue extremely seriously and it shows. We will continue to track the rate of COVID-19 among dentists and other facets of the pandemic affecting dentistry. This is so it can help inform the dental profession and other industries as well.”

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