Animalcare Extends Anaesthesia Range with Launch of Propomitor®

Animal Health

Animalcare has extended its anaesthesia range with the launch of a Propofol 10mg/ml solution; Propomitor®, an intravenously administered general anaesthetic for brief procedures in dogs and cats.

Propomitor can be used for the induction and maintenance of general anaesthesia for procedures lasting up to five minutes by the administration of incremental doses or as a constant rate infusion (CRI). It can also be used for the induction of general anaesthesia where maintenance is provided by the inhalation of anaesthetic agents.

“Animalcare Extends Anaesthesia Range with Launch of Propomitor®“

Commenting, Animalcare Product Manager Kai Crawshaw said: "Propofol is the ‘go to’ solution for short-acting anaesthesia in many practices so we are delighted to add Propomitor, our new affordable propofol solution, to our range. It complements our already extensive anaesthetic toolkit, which offers options for analgesia, sedation, gaseous anaesthesia and recovery."

Propomitor is available in boxes of 5 x 20 ml bottles.

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