Jeff Winton Associates has collaborated with Onyx Health

Healthcare Communications

Jeff Winton Associates recently announced its expansion into additional global markets through a partnership with Onyx Health. By integrating Onyx Health's experience in the Middle East and Europe, as well as Jeff Winton Associates' in-depth understanding of the healthcare marketplace in Japan, elsewhere in Asia and the Americas, the venture will enhance a joint global presence for both companies.

Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer, Jeff Winton Associates, Jeff Winton, stated: "Jeff Winton Associates looks forward to expanding globally alongside Onyx Health to help our clients meet communications objectives in their quest for a healthier world. I can attest from my long association with Karen Winterhalter that her commitment to client service is second to none. This partnership will allow us to share expertise and resources while growing our businesses together."

“Jeff Winton Associates has collaborated with Onyx Health.“

Managing Director, Onyx Health, Karen Winterhalter stated: "Jeff Winton is a renowned figure in corporate communications, with a wealth of global pharmaceutical industry experience. I am delighted to work with him again. Our decades of collective work in global communications will help Onyx Health's clients enter additional markets with a trusted partner."

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