BOLDSCIENCE global medical communications has launched

Healthcare Communications

This week, a new global agency for medical communications, BOLDSCIENCE, was introduced. The organisation strives to develop a unique combination of high-science, innovation, and creativity within a people-focused culture.

Co-founders Mark Hardy, Mark Lydiatt, Alison Lovibond and Yasmin Grant have merged to launch BOLDSCIENCE and its holding company, CO-LAB Global in both the UK and US.

“BOLDSCIENCE global medical communications has launched.“

Lydiatt, CEO, stated: “At BOLDSCIENCE and CO-LAB Global, our goal is to help our pharmaceutical and biotech client partners to deliver the best, most impactful healthcare communications that help drive changes in treatment practises and ultimately improve patient's lives.”

Lovibond, Chief Scientific Officer, stated: “We were driven by a desire to build a people-focused agency that reflects our own vision of delivering the very best, forward-thinking med comms, within a positive workplace environment where individuals can thrive."

BOLDSCIENCE’s Chief Creative Officer, Hardy, stated: “Too many agencies are either known for being scientific or being creative. With our integrated offering and hand-picked, in-house talent, we are delivering both high-science and top end creative.”

Grant, Chief Commerical Officer, stated: “We’ve been astounded at how quickly we’ve established ourselves. We believe that if we are true to our values and surround ourselves with people who love what they do and who strive to be the best, we can build great things together.”

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