Medica and Compamed 2020 will be hosted online from 16 to 19 November

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Medica and Compamed 2020 will be hosted solely online from 16 to 19 November. The events which follow this will take place next year as a hybrid event. The hybrid model consists of the integration of channels and digital offers for professional visitors to the Düsseldorf trade fair centre.

CEO and Chairman of Messe Düsseldorf, Wolfram Diener, stated: “Our hygiene and infection protection plan was positively received by the exhibitors and the successive relaxations of the international travel rules in early summer meant that we had realistic hopes that both trade fairs would be able to be held successfully and safely. The development of the global pandemic must now, however, be reevaluated. Against the backdrop of a multitude of travel limitations and considering the very international demographic of Medica and Compamed in terms of both exhibitors and visitors, we must now focus solely on the virtual format this year. The essence of the Medica and Compamed brand is global broadcasting for exhibitors and visitors. This central core is still present this year, just not in the form of an event that demands physical presence due to the pandemic. With the annual rotation of Medica and Compamed, we are now staying in touch with our customers by creating a comprehensive virtual and globally accessible marketplace for the community with a high-profile programme. This is a good starting point for the joint launch in the trade show year twenty-twenty-one when we will again offer the successful combination of live platforms for trade visitors at the Düsseldorf Exhibition Centre and digital offerings.”

“Medica and Compamed 2020 will be hosted solely online from 16 to 19 November.“

Global portfolio director for health and medical technologies, Messe Düsseldorf, Horst Giesen, stated: “Over the past few years we have constantly expanded our digital offers and therefore have established internet-based industry platforms in the form of our Medica and Compamed web portals. We can now implement these in order to offer our customers the appropriate tools for networking and facilitating the valuable transfer of knowledge, even in these challenging times. On the dates of Medica 2020 and Compamed 2020, we will seek out the best elements for streaming from the six-hundred previously planned sessions for the specialist forums and conferences, working together with our cooperating associations and partners. Participants can expect to see highlights with high relevance to coronavirus in particular in these virtual formats. In addition, there will be diverse web presentations from exhibitors on their innovations and an online matchmaking area for making valuable business contacts, including a video web meeting function.”

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