Twenty-five per cent of UK homes have attempted DIY dental surgery


Twenty-five per cent of UK households have attempted at least one method of do-it-yourself (DIY) dentistry during the lock down, according to the latest poll by the Association of Dental Groups. Within the twenty-five per cent figure, the survey unveils that in seven-point-nine per cent of homes, someone has tried to treat a cavity in a tooth. Furthermore, in seven-point-six per cent of households, a person has attempted to remove a tooth. Moreover, in twelve-point-seven per cent of homes, a person has used painkillers for dental discomfort.

“Twenty-five per cent of UK homes have attempted DIY dental surgery.“

Neil Carmichael, ADG chair, stated: "Pulling your own teeth out is rarely a good idea. It can damage the surrounding teeth and lead to long term problems. These findings suggest that when routine appointments restart, dentists across the country should brace themselves for an oral health horror show. All of the signs are that dentists will be called upon to repair the damage caused by broken and knocked out teeth. This is also on top of a host of other oral health problems that lock down has been storing up. This would be bad enough if we did not already have an access crisis in dentistry, with many people struggling to get appointments. Ministers must now take urgent action. This will ensure we have the NHS dentists we need to deal with what’s around the corner."

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