The Natural Dentist introduces two new environmentally-friendly oral care products


Two new environmentally-friendly oral care products - EarthPicks Plaque Removers and the Natural Dentists Healthy Gums Antigingivits Toothpaste - have been introduced by the Natural Dentist. The Healthy Gums Anitgingivitis Toothpaste is formulated with a mixture of botanical and herbal ingredients and is supposed to be the only natural toothpaste made to treat bleeding gums.

The toothpaste contains a full therapeutic dose of purified aloe vera with no sodium laurel sulphate or fluoride.

“The Natural Dentist introduces two new environmentally-friendly oral care products.“

EarthPicks Plaque Removers are made entirely from wood and are an eco-friendly alternative to single-use disposable plaque removers.

President of Revive Personal Products Company, LLC, and distributer of the Natural Dentist, Kelly Kaplan, stated: "For twenty-five years, our mouth rinse has been a favourite for its ability to treat and prevent bleeding gums. By adding a toothpaste we hope to create the perfect one-two punch for healthy gums. Additionally, we know that many people want to be just as good to the planet as they are to their teeth and gums, so we are excited to bring EarthPicks to market as a biodegradable, convenient option to remove plaque between teeth, anywhere - anytime."

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