Next-Generation Remote Monitoring Solution Supports Uncompromised Sample Safety and Integrity


Biotechnology, pharmaceutical, clinical, and academic laboratories can now benefit from a next-generation remote monitoring solution designed to enable superior levels of sample protection, workflow efficiencies, asset/cost optimization, and regulatory compliance.

With the option for an on-premise or cloud setup, the Thermo Scientific Smart-Vue Pro Remote Monitoring Solution provides real-time, continuous monitoring of critical laboratory equipment parameters and immediately notifies users about off-limit measurements that, if left unattended, could compromise sample safety and integrity. Notifications are delivered by email, text message, or phone call, through a secure network, prompting corrective action. Importantly, the Smart-Vue Pro solution delivers fully traceable data logging and secure user-level access to the complete system functionality at any time from anywhere with Internet access, facilitating compliance with a wide range of regulatory standards, including 21CFR Part 11 and cGxP.

“The Thermo Scientific Smart-Vue Pro Remote Monitoring Solution protects samples, improves laboratory efficiency and facilitates regulatory compliance.“

Operating on the LoRaWAN (Long-Range Wide Area Network) technology, the Smart-Vue Pro solution can simultaneously monitor conditions across several laboratories located on different floors or buildings. The LoRaWAN technology ensures a single receiver can cover up to 2km line of sight in urban areas, eliminating the need to invest in multiple monitoring systems. Scalability is further enhanced through the advanced modular, customizable architecture of the Smart-Vue Pro solution that supports up to four pre-calibrated Smart Digital Sensors. As a result, the system can monitor many pieces of equipment or multiple parameters within one piece of equipment at the same time. Finally, the Smart-Vue Pro solution allows for easy expansion to accommodate additional pieces of equipment without the need for costly upgrades. Overall, this improved scalability results in considerable installation, hardware, and maintenance cost savings.

"Sample safety and integrity are key priorities across the full spectrum of life science applications — from research to production to patient care — and deviations of critical laboratory equipment parameters can put scientific results and regulatory compliance at risk," explains Joe Arteaga, director of product management at Thermo Fisher Scientific. "Our customers can now rely on the new Smart-Vue Pro solution to ensure a timely response to equipment performance issues and safeguard their valuable work. With remote working increasingly becoming the new normal, using a high-performing, reliable remote monitoring system can ensure our customers are always prepared for the unexpected."

The Smart-Vue Pro solution features an interactive, color touchscreen that displays data along with visual and audio alarms for at-a-glance monitoring, while enabling simplified and customizable views for an improved user experience. Thermo Fisher Scientific backs the Smart-Vue Pro solution with end-to-end service and support packages to guide users through installation, validation, implementation, and maintenance. Currently, the Smart-Vue Pro solution is capable of monitoring temperatures ranging from −200°C to +150°C, relative humidity, and dry contact state, with CO2 concentration and differential pressure set to be added to the system’s measurement capabilities in the near future.

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