Hologic expands its COVID-19 testing capability

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By leveraging the current national network of automated devices that have been supporting the cervical screening programmes, Hologic has expanded its testing capability for COVID-19.

Hologic's CE marked COVID-19 test, which can be created in large quantities and identifies the presence of the virus, is run by the automated Panther system. Nearly one hundred of the devices are built-in fifty laboratories around the UK and are commonly used for many regional screening services, such as cervical safety. Every system can present first results in roughly three and a half hours, as well as process up to one-thousand Coronavirus tests in one-day.

“Hologic expands its COVID-19 testing capability.“

To strengthen the UK's diagnostic infrastructure and increase the quantity of the COVID-19 test, Hologic has expanded its manufacturing facility in Manchester to ramp up production volume. The site will supply Europe and the UK, as well as broaden the businesses capacity to support testing needs in the future, which will allow it to increase its collection of assays across women's health and infectious conditions.

Regional President EMEA and Canada, Jan Verstreken, stated: “There is widespread recognition that the ability to run large scale COVID-19 testing programmes is central to mitigating the health and economic impact of lockdown and reducing the risk of a 2nd wave of infection. Our experience in molecular technology and in delivering significant testing capacity makes us well placed to help support this continuing public health challenge."

UK general manager for Hologic, Adrian Smith, stated: “Our investment in our Manchester manufacturing facilities enables us to support significantly increased testing capability in the UK but has also resulted in more jobs during a time of uncertainty. Scaling our production this quickly has not been easy and we’re proud of our teams and partners across the region and globe for their commitment to our purpose. By working together and with public bodies, we are all contributing to countries safely returning to the new normal.”

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