CytoSMART Technologies Announces Automated Organoid Counter

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CytoSMART Technologies today announced the launch of an automated organoid counter. The software application detects organoids using bright-field image analysis and runs on the Corning® Cell Counter, a CytoSMART product.

Said Joffry Maltha, CEO at CytoSMART Technologies “The 3D cellular structures that are formed in organoids have great potential in drug discovery and developmental biology. This has fueled the ever-growing interest in culturing new sub-types of organoids and optimization of current protocols. Growing organoids does however take a substantial amount of time and skill. We believe that implementation of an automated solution for organoid counting can really speed up day-to-day work in the lab and is a logical step towards further implementation of organoids in cell culture-based research.”

“CytoSMART Technologies today announced the launch of an automated organoid counter.“

Manually counting organoids is a routine part of laboratory operations but is time consuming and user dependent. To overcome these issues CytoSMART has introduced an organoid counting application – a new, powerful, and easy-to-use software application which enables organoid counting with the Corning® Cell Counter.

The main features and benefits of the CytoSMART Organoid Counter are:

• Fast & Accurate - thanks to its cloud-based image analysis algorithm.

• Low-cost – works with a common reusable glass hemocytometer. No consumables required.

• Precise – software allows for data gating and image selection for statistical analysis.

For more information on CytoSMART’s Organoid Counter, visit the official CytoSMART website.

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