Coronavirus boosts the appeal of STEM careers

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The Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) has discovered that NHS engineers and workers, who helped counter COVID-19, has prompted fifty-two per cent of children to consider a career in engineering and sixty-three per cent of ten to eighteen-year-olds to consider a career in medicine.

According to the research, eighty-two per cent of the youth surveyed believe that science should play a more meaningful part in government choices, and, thirteen-year-olds strongly agree that this is needed.

“Coronavirus boosts the appeal of STEM careers.“

Ying Wan Log, IET Young Woman Engineer of the Year, stated: “The results from this new research are really positive. Despite the extremely challenging time the UK has faced over the last few months, it’s really encouraging to know that young people have been inspired by those working in STEM during the pandemic and are now considering careers in these fields. The COVID-19 outbreak has showcased our fantastic medical professionals, scientists and engineers who have been working so hard to find solutions. It’s put them front and centre during the crisis and raised awareness of how important STEM is to our daily lives. I know first hand that working in STEM offers fantastic experiences, with opportunities to make a real difference.”

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