Pharmacies in Scotland entitled to receive L1,250 per month under the NHS 'Pharmacy First' scheme


The Scottish government has confirmed that pharmacies offering the NHS ‘Pharmacy First’ scheme in Scotland will be entitled to base payments of £1,250 every four weeks from 1 October 2020. In addition, under the terms of service, pharmacies will be paid per activity, with equal weight given to referrals, advice and medicines supplied after a Pharmacy First meeting.

The scheme will launch across Scotland on 29 July 2020, following the postponement from its original start date of 22 April 2020, to enable pharmacy teams to concentrate on controlling the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Scottish government entitles pharmacies to receive £1,250 per month under the NHS 'Pharmacy First' scheme.“

From the beginning of the scheme until 30 September 2020, pharmacies will continue to receive the transitionary payment, which was put in place from 1 April 2020. However, contractors will be entitled to receive a monthly base payment of £1,250 on top of a share of the activity pool, starting from 1 October 2020.

A Policy and Development Pharmacist, Community Pharmacy Scotland, Adam Osprey, stated: “We welcome the agreed funding and commitment to the service that the Scottish government has shown and indeed we have matched it to demonstrate our commitment and belief in the service. The distribution method is designed to be adaptable and we have always been clear that it would change over time to more closely reflect individual activity levels.”

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