Dechra adds Dormazolam to equine anaesthesia range

Animal Health

Dechra Veterinary Products’ Dormazolam is the first equine benzodiazepine licensed for intravenous co-induction of anaesthesia in horses. It is a veterinary licensed midazolam (5mg/ml) that works with other induction agents to provide an extended duration of anaesthesia that does not adversely affect recovery.

“The introduction of Dormazolam provides an exciting new option for equine vets“

Emma Jennings, Dechra brand manager, said: “Using Dormazolam as part of an equine anaesthesia protocol will give optimal general anaesthetic conditions every time, including a rapid onset of action. Anaesthetic co-induction with ketamine and midazolam has been shown to provide a superior quality of anaesthesia compared to ketamine alone, and midazolam is equally as effective as diazepam when used as a co-induction agent alongside ketamine. It also cuts down on the number of ketamine ‘top-up’ doses required compared to using ketamine alone. Additional benefits include no clinically significant differences in cardiopulmonary function or recovery times between midazolam and diazepam, and it can be mixed in the same syringe as ketamine for ease of use. The introduction of Dormazolam provides an exciting new option for equine vets. It delivers enhanced anaesthetic and surgical conditions by improving anaesthetic induction quality and giving better surgical relaxation scores. It also reduces involuntary movements because, as a co-induction agent, midazolam only causes minimal cardiovascular and pulmonary depression.”

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