Thermo Fisher's iSPA Workflow provides faster drug discovery results


Thermo Fisher Scientific has released the Thermo Scientific iSPA Workflow, the first commercially available single particle analysis workflow solution, designed to facilitate increased productivity within pharma labs to move quicker from early drug discovery to clinical trials, and reduce the cost of bringing new drugs to market.

The iSPA workflow has the Thermo Scientific Krios Rx, a high-end cryo-transmission electron microscope which requires minimal expertise to operate. Preparing the microscope for data collection takes less than 30 minutes, and automation facilitates unattended data collection. The Krios Rx has a Falcon 4 Direct Electron Detector and EPU Quality Monitoring software. Productivity and throughput of more than 400 high-quality movies per hour helps users quickly generate new and repeat structures.

“Our iSPA Workflow changes the game for pharmaceutical companies“

Trisha Rice, Thermo Fisher’s vice president and general manager of life sciences, said: "Our iSPA Workflow changes the game for pharmaceutical companies by dramatically increasing their throughput with a high-quality, easy-to-use instrument that quadruples productivity compared to our current cryo-EM workflow. The result is a convenient and reliable solution that reduces barriers to cryo-EM adoption and accelerates the path to new, more effective drugs."

Chief Scientist at NanoImaging Services, Dr. Giovanna Scapin, said: "Receiving the data we need overnight, versus a week, allows us to solve several structures as opposed to one. Automated data collection means that we can schedule a full weekend run on six grids without having to manually change them, improving the time requested from sample to structure."

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