Merck completes multiple deals to proceed with the development of COVID-19 drugs


Merck recently announced that its buying Themis Bioscience for access to a possible COVID-19 vaccine developed by the company and Institut Pasteur. Furthermore, Merck will collaborate with the nonprofit research group, IAVI, on a preclinical vaccine candidate based on an exact platform used by Merck’s Ervebo.

Meanwhile, the US government’s BARDA agency has granted thirty-eight million dollars to Merck, and the pair aim to begin human trials later this year, with the idea to produce rapid immunity with one dose of the shot.

“Merck completes multiple deals to proceed with the development of COVID-19 drugs.“

In addition, Merck has partnered with Ridgeback Biotherapeutics to develop an oral antiviral drug against COVID-19, which could diminish the virus’s ability to make clones of itself once inside the human body.

Ken Frazier, Merck CEO, stated: “COVID-19 is a global challenge and requires global solutions. Merck intends to make any vaccine or medicine we develop for this pandemic broadly accessible and affordable globally and we are working now to accomplish this goal as quickly as possible. Though the challenge of this pandemic is immense, we know that science and collaboration will triumph just as they have before. While we cannot predict when this battle will be won, we are confident that science is on our side, that collaboration is already well underway and that together we will prevail.”

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