Skyports and Thales partner on drone delivery

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To support the UK’s COVID-19 response, Skyports and Thales have partnered on the drone delivery trial for the NHS in Scotland. If the two-week drone trial, backed by Argyll and Bute Health and Social Care Partnership (HSCP), is successful, more than five hours could be cut from the delivery of urgent medical equipment.

The trial’s aim is to prove the delivery of Personal Protective Equipment and COVID-19 test kits between rural medical departments by a drone.

“Skyports and Thales partner on drone delivery.“

Skyports will conduct the trial and operate the flights, planned through SOARIZON, using delivery drones supplied by Wingcopter.

CEO of Thales UK, Alex Cresswell, stated: “This trial demonstrates the positive role that unmanned technology can play in our society and represents a landmark step to accelerate its adoption. We look forward to continuing to work collaboratively with industry partners, regulators and government to establish the UK as a world leader in this exciting new industry.”

CEO of Skyports, Duncan Walker, stated: Our trial in Argyll and Bute provides an important short term response to the current pandemic and lays the foundations from which to grow a permanent drone delivery operation across a network of healthcare facilities around the country.”

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