Primerdesign ships over forty-thousand PCR kits to Egypt

Medical Devices

Novacyt’s subsidiary, Primerdesign, has shipped more than forty-thousand Polymerase Chain Reaction kits to Egypt, to support its response to the pandemic. The Egyptian and the UK government have been keeping vital trade moving by working collectively to address the urgent medical needs of both countries. Egypt sent shipments of medical gowns to support the UK in April.

“Primerdesign ships over forty-thousand PCR kits to Egypt.“

Sir Geoffrey Adams, the British ambassador to Egypt, stated: "Egypt and the UK are committed to working together to tackle this global challenge. The UK government and British businesses are united in their commitment to support Egypt. That means protecting Egyptians from the impact of the virus, providing for the most vulnerable and where possible using the crisis to make progress towards achieving the Sustainable Development goals."

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