Hundred of thousands of volunteers start delivering medicines and food to the vulnerable


Hundreds of thousands of NHS volunteers have started delivering food and medicine to vulnerable people under the Good Sam app; however, pharmacies are concerned that swindlers could exploit the system. As a result of this, some pharmacies won't enrol in the service, and therefore, vulnerable people won't get their vital medicines.

Pharmacies can request for volunteers to help with medicine deliveries and then approved volunteers can deliver the service, via the Good Sam app.

“Hundred of thousands of volunteers start delivering medicines and food to the vulnerable.“

Dukes, BBC Radio 4’s ‘Today’ programme speaker, stated: “I am concerned, therefore, that fraudsters could use this system for their own ends by gaining trust, by gaining information on people and using it to exploit those people who are currently shielded and locked away in their own homes.”

Rural spokesperson for the County Councils Network, Julian German, stated: “Many county leaders are reporting real concerns that elderly and sick people may go without medicines, particularly those in rural and remote areas. This is not the pharmacies fault – who are doing a wonderful job in difficult circumstances – but it is clear they may not have the capacity alone to deliver to all residents who need their support.”

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