Vets and veterinary nurses join the front line to battle COVID-19

Animal Health

A Facebook group, initiated by Jo Hillard, was set up to find veterinary nurses and vets to battle the COVID-19 pandemic. Within two days of the setup, nearly four thousand veterinary nurses, veterinary students and vets had signed up to join the front line and as many as fifty hospital trusts across the UK are now in contact with the group. Paid work is available for the people who have the relevant skills and voluntary work is available for those who are furloughed.

“Vets and veterinary nurses join the front line to battle COVID-19.“

Dr Hillard stated: “It has been an overwhelming response. We set the Facebook page up on Friday and in less than 2 days we have four thousand members all looking to help out. Most of these are vets and vet nurses, but we also have lots of vet students who want to go and do their bit, it has been truly amazing. There are so much skills and expertise in our sector that I know the vets and nurses signing up are going to make a difference in this. We have people signed up with specialist knowledge in things like ventilation and anaesthesia and I am just so pleased that we have been asked for help and the profession has responded so emphatically to that call.”

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